Your official garage project playground.

If you enjoy the art of altering vehicles in your garage then this is a place where you can share your projects. Here you can share your photos, videos and descriptions of your projects and get inspiration from other grease monkeys just like you. If you're not a grease monkey and just enjoy kickass modified vehicles, well then you are invited too. Everyone that registers is welcome to tell us which project you like, comment on projects, and even share your favorites online.

If you are unsure about what to share, it can really be any type of vehicle that you've worked on in your garage, or in your front yard for that matter. We just want to see your handy work and share it with the community. Your project can consist of one picture or more pictures, and video if you would like. If you can write a little description about your modifications it will help us appreciate your work even more. If you are extremely proud of your new ride feel free to share your entire story. If you are wondering what a story would look like here's an example.


So let's get started!

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