Apollo 70cc Headlight

This is my sons first bike with a custom Ducati headlight that I recently installed.
I purchased this Apollo 70cc dirt bike for my son this Christmas. It's turned out to be a very nice little ride that is perfect for the for a starter bike. The bike is fully automatic (no gears) and comes equipped with electric start. I find the electric start to be a great feature since my son is only 8 years old and might have trouble using a kickstart. Unlike other similar Chinese pit bikes in this class, the Apollo seems to be put together with quality parts and craftsmanship. The bike came stock with no headlight. After riding the bike for a couple weeks my son asked me if I could add a headlight his new bike. After scanning the internet I was not able to find a light that was made specifically for this make and model bike although there were several after market headlights that were universal. I came across this Ducati style headlight on ebay and scored it for less than $20!

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Nice bike!!
  • kaya
    Nice bike!!