The Jalapi Hell Raiser

My neighbor gave me an old run down motor scooter that had been sitting in his garage. The scooter was worn out and did not run at the time. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to turn this beat up toy into a Hellraiser.
We stripped the scooter down to the frame and used a electric sander to remove all the rust. We then made measurements for the modifications that would need to be done to allow space a larger deck and the new motor.
The back forks needed to be wider to allow space for the engine mounting plate and the larger back tire that we found online.
I thought a larger wheel in the rear would make the scooter look a little more badass so I purchased an inexpensive replacement online.
Because the new motor was too wide to be inline with our wheel sprocket we had to position and weld a jack shaft on the frame. This allowed us to run a short chain from the engine to the outside sprocket of the jack shaft. Then another chain from the inner jack shaft sprocket to the back wheel sprocket.
We put all the new parts loosely in place and took some more measurements for the rear transmission.
The motor fit nicely on the newly adjusted frame.
After mounting the new 1 hp Harbor Freight engine we rigged up a new throttle system.
The original front tire, forks and disc brake look great after a little cleanup work.
After mounting the engine we welded up a new custom exhaust pipe that looked a little more parallel with the back forks.
Here is another view of the engine and transmission. The jack shaft worked great.
Final touches were the addition of a LED headlight for some night time riding sessions in the neighborhood.

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I need one of those for my 10 year old!

I need to see a video of this thing!
  • jalapi
    I need one of those for my 10 year old!
  • jalapi
    I need to see a video of this thing!